Registered Plan Holders for ITB# 22012

NameCompanyAddressPhone#Fax#Email AddressTypeInfo
Melaine Anderson The Plans Room 4831 Old Seward Hwy Suite 202 9075632029 NA NA
David Dennis Northwest Pump Anchorage,AK. (253)569-6013 907-522-9696 Supplier NA
Chip Anderson Alaska Pacific Constructors 2261 Cinnabar Loop 9079829696 PrimeContractor NA
AGC Plans AGC of Alaska 8005 Schoon St 9075615354 18887459275 NA NA
Josh Klapperich Pipe and Piling Supplies 3506 A Street SE 2539394700 Supplier NA
Chuck Webb CCI Alaska Anchorage 19073547844 SubContractor DBE
Rich Morgan Builders Exchange of Washington 2607 Wetmore Avenue 425-258-1303 PlansRoom WBE
Christian Nelson Udelhoven Oilfield System Services, Inc. 184 E 53rd Ave, Anchorage, AK 99518 2084132272 PrimeContractor NA
Sera Mattson Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce 83 Columbia St, Ste. 200 2066228272 206-622-8416 PlansRoom NA
Shane Oyster STG Incorporated 11710 S. Gambell St. Anchorage, AK 99515 907-644-4664 PrimeContractor NA
Joe Homer Mascott Equipment Company Anchorage, AK 206-462-9335 Supplier NA
David Dennis Northwest Pump 12535696013 Supplier NA
Geoff R Vickers UIC Nappairit 6700 Arctic Spur 9077620122 PrimeContractor NA
Troy Adams Pipe & Piling Supplies (USA) 3506 A Street SE Auburn, WA 98002 877-217-0276 Supplier NA
Tracy Wolf Sturgeon Electric 1301 E. 64th Ave 9075702889 PrimeContractor NA